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Seeking to unite what I do with who I am, I had an inspired thought…

WOW.  Women of Wellness,
stepping forth to change the world, connected in spirit, inspiring others.

Women Empowering Women… 1000 of us working together, offering a solution for better health and financial freedom – a movement of a few who find 1000, who find 1000 more. It doesn’t stop. The result is a world of people who are now free of the restraints of not enough time or money, so they can truly live their lives as Humans Being More.

The Five Pillars of WOWWomen of Wellness, Women of Wealth,
Women of the World, Women of Wisdom, Women of Wonderwomen who follow their heart to live, create, serve.

My Vision is that WOW is manifesting an ongoing wave of positive, joyful vibration that serves to elevate all consciousness.

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Financial freedom…would you like to have it?

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Time Freedom…what would you do today if time and money weren’t an issue?
I’ve got this vision… I’ve got this plan for Women Empowering Women towards financial freedom & financial success, and now that it’s in motion, nothing will stop it.
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Are you seeking to know your true self?

Wisdom 400w-largeEnlighten us with your journey…

I was 16 or so when I first met Swami Rama. My friend’s father was dying from cancer and Swami would come to their home, sitting in deep meditation with him to lessen the pain. It was a powerful introduction to meditation and I began to sit myself.

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WOMEN OF Wellness

Time to take ownership of your health?

Women of WellnessDiscover vital energies we can’t live without!

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WOMEN OF the world

Are you living your lifeon purpose?

Women of the WorldI’ve been fortunate through the years, and it seems, especially of late, to meet so many women, discovering their self, realizing their gifts, and unveiling them in a way that’s effecting positive change in our world.

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WOMEN OF wonder

Do you cherish yourfamily & community?

Women of Wonder How does that enrich your life? Enrich ours by sharing your story.

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A Message from Rachel Dayton

Nikken Independent Consultant

I need women who want to make an impact,
to join this community of WOW.

I believe we are at a place in time
when we are ready to transform ourselves and our world.

I know there are women, standing on the
edge, ready to fly, who don’t have the means.
Join us, we do!

The very nature of YOU playing your part, will sustain this vision.

Call me or text me in Colorado at 970-379-9654, email me, follow us
on Facebook
or subscribe to our blog.

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